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Writer, Editor and Appraiser for the Fine Art Industry

Sarah McMillan

Fine Art Services


Providing writing, editing and appraisal services for the art industry

Sarah McMillan is a writer, editor and appraiser specializing in the fine arts with a particular focus on prints. She provides writing and editorial services for works focusing on her area of proficiency. She also provides appraisals of works of art, and consults for clients who are downsizing and need to liquidate their assets assisting in the sale and donation of their property.




Areas of Practice

WRITING & research

Ms. McMillan is available as a contributor as a writer or researcher to academic journals, publications, or other projects relating art history. Areas of interest include print and material culture in early modern Europe, women in the arts, and the history of the art market. 


As an editor working in the art industry for over five years, Ms. McMillan is available for editing appraisals, auction catalogs, and academic articles. She has previously worked for auction houses such as Doyle New York, and e-commerce sites such as Everything But the House.


Ms. McMillan is a USPAP compliant appraiser, and a candidate for membership at the Appraisers Association of America. She provides appraisals for insurance, estate tax, equitable distribution, among others. Unsure if you need an art appraisal? Reach out, and we can advise you.


Areas of Specialization


Ms. McMillan holds a masters degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art with a specialization in Old Master prints, and has knowledge of the field ranging from the history of 15th through 18th century prints, and their value in the current market. 

fine art generalist

With experience cataloging, appraising and selling paintings and sculpture along with prints, Ms. McMillan has gained proficiency in researching, identifying and valuing fine art across various media and styles. For any works outside her realm of experience she is in touch with contacts with specialized knowledge. 

Modern & Contemporary prints

She has experience selling and vetting 19th Century, 20th Century and Contemporary prints, and has handled works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miro, among others.



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