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Editing Services 

Types of Editing



Copy Editing

Ms. McMillan provides copy editing services that including reading through the text, correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax, and bringing any other issues to your attention. She can also create a  style sheets if needed to ensure consistency. The Chicago Manual of Style is her default style guide, however she can adapt to in house style guides or AP.

Substantive or Content Editing

Ms. McMillan can improve the general clarity and flow of the text by eliminating redundancy and wordiness, rephrasing awkward sentences, and organizing the overall flow of paragraphs and sentence. The result is a  more concise, clear and fluid text. 

Proofreading is a final check before printing to catch typographical errors, formatting or layout problems, and any minor corrections the copy editor may have missed. If you need your project edited for grammatical and other basic mechanical issues see copy editing above.


Providing Editing Services For:




Ms. McMillan has experience writing and editing academic works of writing, including articles, dissertations, and essays. Academic writing often must adhere to specific standards for format and style. If you're writing a thesis, dissertation, or scholarly article, Ms. McMillan can help you with copy editing and formatting to meet the requirements for submission. She also assists academics who are writing in English as a second language and need to prepare articles for a U.S. English-speaking readership.

Ms. McMillan holds a Master's degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art, and has specialty knowledge of art history but can assist with a variety of subject matter.  

Appraisers of Fine and Decorative Arts

Having worked in the appraisals department at Doyle New York and with experience writing appraisals for fine art, Ms. McMillan can edit all types of appraisals for grammar, spelling, consistency, coherency and formatting. She is USPAP compliant through May 2020, and can edit appraisals not only of fine art, but also of furniture, decorative arts, and other fields.


Most businesses benefit from a content marketing and SEO strategy. Whether you are writing blog posts, content for your website, or listings of property for sale, Ms. McMillan can edit to improve keywords and SEO. She has worked at online marketplaces such as and as a curator and editor. 


Ms. McMillan can provide copy editing or substantive editing for your work of fiction or non-fiction. She has a particular interest and knowledge of art history and historical fictions, and would love to work with you to prepare your manuscript for submission to publishers or for self-publishing.